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Good Evening Everyone!


Thought of course everything takes more, much more time then we measured, but i am really not saying any surprising thing with this, the engines are working in the background, our data crawlers are running up and down swiftly to collect all data we need to give you the best prices and our next goal is to go alive with the first version of Drungli.

More detail on this later, when i can promise an exact date, but till then: i stumbled into Escape the City’s 5 made-up rule and i thought, ok, let’s see:

1 – Solve a problem

Check. We are very frequent travelers and persons who sometimes wouldn’t mind just to be able to get away to somewhere new and not give a second thought about it. Next to the fact that virtually non of the travel sites provides a search where you can just browse the cheapest tickets from your departure city and that lot of them are not having actual prices on low-cost airlines, a vast majority of travel search sites are just looking pretty awful.

Here’s our itch: we want a website which offers a take me wherever option, we want fresh data for free and search in a beautiful yet deadly simple environment. So far the testing shows we solve it with Drungli and “we are our ideal clients”.

2 – Do it for ‘Love’ and ‘Freedom’

Check. We are watching Drungli come alive like proud parents. It’s wonderful seeing your ideas come alive, your wireframe growing and moving and animating, your vision working in reality and we spend many happy hours planning our ‘child’s’ future.

But this is not the only love factor: there is emotion in figuring out the most logical way, infinishing planning and handing wireframes to the designer, there is joy in seeing what he does to fill it up with life, it is pure happiness to first test your program and see that it works. Just to create something useful and pretty would be enough, but it is also connected to travel we both enjoy very much.

And i must mention the great feeling of being responsible and not having to fight your ideas through dozens of bosses till you achieve anything, the opportunity to create something and leave a tiny mark behind. So here we are, at Freedom too – everything is pretty much connected when you are working for yourself and for something you believe in, you know.

3 – Define Succes

There are a lot of steps and i think we managed to celebrate almost every one of them, from finalizing the wireframes to see the first search results coming out. The next small step, though a bit huger then the others is to go alive during this week with a first version – the version which was the core of the idea actually, to provide you surprise destination whenever you just want to get away, have a new adventure, spend some time free.

On the long run, we have these factors, as success:

– we want to provide the best data possible (the cheapest routes, loopholes and fun surprise stopovers) to you

– we want to hear your voice and know that Drungli is fun enough to use to make you care, react, comment and test

– well, it wouldn’t be bad to earn some money over time to tell the truth, won a seed funding to pay our coffee and servers

– and finally, we want to make it profitable, with useful and reasonably priced products attached you feel absolutely okay to buy

– and bringing in advertisers to place beautiful ads into the background – think great picks from photographers and graphic artist, lovely rooftop photo from that great hostel in Florence, album artworks from labels and musician. Kind of selected to meet your interests, kind of useful for travel or fun, making a comfortable profit while staying something beautiful.

4 – Have Fun

I think it is pretty obvious we do. We are working on something we love, the developers are having a great challenge, we read about travel and flights, discuss ideas, plan and talk, wait for first going live as children before boxing day. (we are lucky persons, finding out and creating something, plan and think about solutions occur to us as fun)

5 – Make Meaning

At first, this was a hard question on me. I mean do we make a meaning only by helping you find the best flight deals? Is it that we are devoted to make the interner a more beautiful and user friendly place? Is providing a great service makes meaning?

All in all, i think these things are already concerned about you, dear future user, so in a way, the answer is yes. On the other hand, making this little game and answering the 5 rules made me think, how to achieve more? How to help and bring some goodness to the world beyond a really good product? There is a simple answer in our advertising offer, this is giving a way for us to make charity and causes heard. But i am sure there will be other solutions coming up and that we will figure out even more ways.

Till then…Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain’s speaking. We are taking off soon!

Hope to see you there.

no, we don't take you to space...yet