Drungli – The Adventure Generator

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What is Drungli?

Drungli is an ambitious project about budget travelling.It is the portal that offers a new concept of travelling. A travel experience truly innovative and low cost, not just flights on aircraft, balloons, zeppelins or overland on trains, buses, car lifts, but also accommodation and local guides. Drungli is a complete adventure for people who are tired of solitary tourism reading generalized tourist guides and who want to interact with local people living the way the local people do and maybe make some good friends around the globe. With Drungli we want to bring men close to eachother and make the world smaller and affordable for everyone.

Drungli’s project is the result of months of discussion between friends. The necessity to integrate hospitality websites, flights, trains, buses, car lifts and so on brought us here.

So here we are facing a new interesting and ambitious challenge with Drungli.

Today we’re releasing the stealth page inviting anyone who wants to join at www.drungli.com.
By taking these small steps, we’ll be able to keep you updated about Drungli’s development and iterate as quickly as possible when the beta version is ready to test.

We are very proud of where Drungli is right now. In less than 2 months, we’ve gone from nothing to a great starting point from which the developers can keep working.
Our work is nowhere close to done. To us, that is the best part. There are always more things to improve, more tricks to learn, and more awesome features to add.

Drungli to everyone and see you soon